About Us

Ken Gilpin is a Certified Financial Planner with over 10 years experience as an investment advisor.  He is president of Sound Investments Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm.  He graduated from the College of Financial Planning located in Denver, Colorado, where he completed the Certified Financial Planner professional education program and prepared for the national examination.  The Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards to use the profession designation certified Financial Planner and CFP license Mr. Gilpin.  In addition, he holds a state securities licenses.

In the 1970’s Ken was a commercial loan officer lending money to small businesses.  Then in the 1980’s he became a stockbroker primarily trading stocks. Looking for a better way to serve his customers, he formed his own business in 1993.  We look at the client total financial picture from tax situation, age, and ability to handle risk, and other factors and develop a financial plan to maximize their total return.  We believe in education and often send out articles to enhance a client’s understanding of their financial position.

Mr. Gilpin believes in a long-term approach to investing.  Over the last 30 years, he has witnessed different trends where at certain times some investments have done extraordinary well. For instance, in the 1970’s oil and gas stocks did very well till 1982 then languished for the next 20 years. In the 1990’s large cap and technology, we’re the top performers.  Then we had the tech bubble that burst in 2000 and thereafter-international mutual funds out performed..  We believe in staying the trend and focusing on the sectors that are performing.  We look at the long-term trends and position ourselves in funds that have the best overall cost and performance characteristics.

Mr. Gilpin earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University.  He has lived in Johnson County for the past 25 years.